Rivoli Group provides branded watches to their customers. Rivoli Group makes access easy by providing online services to their clients.

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    • Jazer Dsouza
      September 13, 2022 at 9:32 am

      The Best Retail Company to Shop, from Watches to Sunglasses 😎 to writing Instruments and Leather accessories. Amazing Offers and Delightful Customer Service. High Standards as Always.

    • Robby Polintan
      October 6, 2022 at 2:13 am

      I ordered 4 watches online and the turn around time shows 3 to 4 days to get these items.
      After 1 week of waiting and no update from them or anything. I sent them an email asking the status of my order only to be told that the watches are out of stock and had to wait for another 2 weeks to get my money back.

      They should have removed these from the list in the first place if they’re already out of stock. I wasted my time waiting for nothing as well as effort to look for the best gift to my love ones.

      Very inconvenient and frustrating. I don’t recommend them at all.

      Update: I appreciate the effort of their customer service team, reaching out and addressing the concern I raised.

      They explained that only 1 watch was not available, not all of them. So I had to cancel some of the watches as I bought them from diff stores because of the initial communication that they’re not available.

      There’s one watch though that I’ve let them shipped to my preferred store as a resolution then went with partial refund for sone of the orders.

      May I recommend to please stop giving moral obligation to customers. I was told that someone will get terminated because of this negative review if it will not be deleted, I don’t think that this is appropriate as this an internal process of the company plus reviews are posted as a result of their experience, good or bad.

      Please do not terminate the staff and hence provide them proper training to avoid this from happening, that’s the best thing to get action for everyone.

      Again, I have to thank them for calling me and explaining the issue although this doesn’t change the experience I had with them.

      P.s. The watch is good and stunning when I collected it from the store.

    • fabio adrian
      May 31, 2023 at 8:47 am

      Elegant local, excellent and prestigious brands. Bad attention. We went with my daughter for two watches bought at the Emirates brand freshop, the guarantee card indicated that the representative of the same in Dubai was Rivoli group, we called the telephone number that appeared in said guarantee and they told us that we should take the watches to any Rivoli Group branch of the many in Dubai. We went to the Emirates Mall and in the first of the stores that Rivoli Group has there they told us that it was not there, we had to go to another, fortunately for us inside the same Mall. In this second store they told us that they did not sell that watch and that They were unaware that Rivoli Group guaranteed these watches, information that was printed on the guarantee card. At our insistence and after looking at each other and making phone calls that were never answered, they asked us again for the warranty cards and ……..magically upon reviewing them they informed us that they were responsible for the warranty but the cards did not contain the stamp with the date of sale and the place of acquisition of said watches, for which “unfortunately” said guarantee could not be applied. As you can imagine the sellers, who in my opinion the term is too big for them, did not care that my daughter had the credit card issue with the purchase receipt. Conclusion: my daughter learned that she must have the guarantee cards sealed to prevent it from being used as an argument for not taking charge of it. Conclusion 2: the guys from Rivoli sent us to Minutes, a place where they changed the batteries of both watches at a cost of 70 dirhams and very quickly. Thank you Minutes. Conclusion 3: It is up to whoever has the kindness and time to read this opinion.

    • محمود سعيد
      June 21, 2023 at 10:58 am

      love the omega SWatch and I already purchased some for my family and recommending also to my friends your product. But I always have bad
      experience on how the manager
      treated their customers. First, when there was a cue for limited style of watch, I follow the line properly but manager shouting and embarrassed me in front of other customers saying to don’t talk in a rude way..I raised to mall manager inroder to improve your image but he tolme that if I come back again to the store he will call the CID. I want the right customer service of SWatch to assist me as the manahager because I’m Egyptian he will not give me NY . If there will be same of his nationality (Filipino) was in the cue he assisting. very well and giving a lit of times watches he wants. I checled one time in the filipino customer that he assist how he gets lot of watch, he told me that the manager give him coz they are friends. wacht. I am trying to call customer service of SWatch but nobody give me the right feedback.y answering and I need someone to talk and explain to head office what are the.issues wit coz I love products and I don’t want to avoid buying from you because of bad experience

    • huzaib mir
      July 2, 2023 at 9:57 am

      Dear Rivoli Group.
      I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to raise a complaint regarding my recent purchase of Gucci sunglasses from Rivoli eye zone. I am deeply disappointed to inform you that the sunglasses i received were in less than satisfactory condition, with a noticeable scratch on the glass.
      On 25-06-2023 at 8:30pm I visited your store at Dubai festival city mall and purchased two pair of Gucci sunglasses. However, upon closer inspection i discovered the scratch on the lens of one pair, which significantly affects the overall quality and aesthetics of the sunglasses. This unfortunate defect has left me dissatisfied with my purchase with Rivoli group.
      Given that the sunglasses are a luxury product and the Gucci brand is synonymous with exceptional quality, I expected the utmost attention to detail and care in the products I purchase from Rivoli Eye Zone. Unfortunately, this experience has fallen short of my expectations.
      To address this issue i have visited the Burjuman mall Rivoli eye zone on Saturday 01-07-2023 just 6 days after my purchase as i was out of the country. Unfortunately i was surprised by the behaviour of Mr.Mangash at Burjuman Mall first of all he was confused and was like wait he will check with his manager as he don’t want get blamed later by his manager.
      He made us wait nearly half an hour to cross check but surprisingly he started accusing me of making the defect after he had a word with his manager. He made a call to his supervisor Mr. MD Askul who was next level disappointment with his hubris attitude when i had a word with him over Mr.Mangash cell phone.
      He didn’t want to talk to me first as he was like i will call them later on there contact details with us.
      But when he spoke to me he was just accusing me over the phone laughing saying it impossible to have a scratch on glasses from his side as if he was the one who packed it.
      I fail to understand why should i keep so expensive sunglasses with a damage on it for what use just to feel subdued. Instead of fixing it or informing we will charge you to fix it as a solution for there cheap behaviour least expected.
      It seems like Rivoli group has been run by these two folks only. Now i wonder how much damage these guys would have caused to Rivoli group on daily basis with there no customer centric attitude and belittle customers for no reason just to satisfy their personal egotist personalities.
      Without their top management having any clue for there such behaviour & getting into picture because not everyone is able to put across there situation.
      I left the glasses with Mr. Mangash informing him if there is no solution as per him, what should i do with it either its of no use for me then.
      So It’s better they keep it somehow they could sell it to some different person to make some more money without customer service ethics which they lack the training i guess.
      To my surprise they laughed and said okay they can keep it if i wish so.
      I left the store & the glasses with him and they were shouting from there counter’s stating no problem you can leave surprisingly such a churlish behaviour from there end.
      I felt nothing but harassment and was not able to get to there level to argue in front of other clients later it made me wonder i paid for such harassment what a surprise.
      I understand that mistakes can happen, and i would appreciate it if you could offer a prompt solution to rectify this issue if there is some genuine staff still existing. But unfortunately i haven’t got any revert or mail from Rivoli group till now maybe its a daily practices to harass the clients if they raise any concern or complain
      So its my advice to the public kindly buy the product from the brand store itself at least there staff would show some courtesy to save the brand image as they are the direct brand representative not like Mr Mangash stating “Gucci is not Revoli” it seem they got multiple brands to dissatisfy the customer with there vile nature
      Last but not least i felt sad for the vision of the owner for Rivoli group in hands of such manpower.

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